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Sky Tower in Wrocław

Welcome to Kolejkowo Wroclaw!

We will take you for a journey through the miniature world in Kolejkowo. The creators of Kolejkowo have built a huge and vibrant model picturing the wonderful Lower Silesia. They have made huge efforts to imitate as precisely as they could the reality and the life of the miniature inhabitants of Kolejkowo who are shown in a variety of daily situations. In Kolejkowo you will have a chance to observe the rural life and accompany tourists during their mountain expeditions. You will also take part in a rescue operation and play roles of foresters, skiers, buyers, construction workers, circus artists or sunbathers.

Kolejkowo is located in one of highest buildings in Poland. Skyscraper Sky Tower is located at street Powstańców Śląskich 95 . When visiting the miniature world, in this magnificent and late-classicistic structure you can see, for instance, the models of structures from Wroclaw and the whole region of Lower Silesia. The architectural masterpieces, such as the Swiebodzki Station, the Town Houses of Wrocław Market Square, the Meteorological Observatory at the top of Śnieżka, the Secrets of Karkonosze Mountains in Karpacz, or the Szwajcarka Shelter in Western Sudetes, can also be found there.

In Kolejkowo 27 trains pull 118 wagons through nearly 1 km of tracks. Every train reaches almost 400 km mileage per month. This equals the distance from Warsaw to Zakopane.

Wroclaw in miniature

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Kolejkowo Wroclaw by numbers

buildings including miniatures of authentic buildings of Lower Silesia

World in miniature

City of Wroclaw
Wrocław is a beautiful place in the Lower Silesia, which history was shaped through ages. The town square is one of the most popular places in the city. This is the centre of Wrocław’s nightlife. Restaurants, live music, events and celebrities make this place so unique that we always wish to go back to it.
Karkonosze Mountains
The English name for this beautiful mountain range is Giant Mountains. These mountains are so unique that for ages they have been a place that inspired and fascinated people. You will find there picturesque landscapes and vast amounts of space surrounded with legends and fascinating history.
Polish Countryside
Although the countryside in Poland has changed throughout the past several years, we decided to present it from the past perspective. That’s why you will find there an old tractor, animals moving around the yard and a beautiful natural landscape around the houses. Just in the old days…
Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore is one of the most famous American symbols. In Kolejkowo we decided to take a local approach on it and we created our own Polish version of the monument. It now contains the faces of all our modern-era presidents.
Old Market Square in Wroclaw
The old market square is the heart of the city. This is where people meet to spend some time together. This place never sleeps. It stays alive during the night and day.
Polish block of flats
During the communism era the blocks of flats were supposed to be a sign of someone’s wealthiness and modern approach to life. Now, they often seen as one of the main topics from that era to taunt about. Nevertheless, we find them as an important part of Polish landscape and reality. That’s why you will find them on the miniature world too.
Szwajcarka Hostel
A hunting lodge built in 1823 by order of Wilhelm von Hohenzollern. It is one of the oldest hostels in Poland. Modeled on a building from the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland and built entirely of wood, only the roof is weighted with stones. The building is surrounded by a balcony in a way unusual for the Tyrolean style. In 1950, PTTK (Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society) took over the building and created a tourist hostel there, and its first host was Tadeusz Steć.

How Kolejkowo is made

Realism is the priority to us. That's why strive to imitate the reality as close as possible. Old tenement houses from the Wroclaw Town Square, Swiebodzki Railway Station, or even the small bench from the Wroclaw Brochow station - they all were created based on real photos and very detailed measurements of their elements. Whenever we have a possibility to check the real construction plans, we do that as well. That’s why our buildings are so realistic and reflect the real ones so close.
It would be hard to imagine a place like Kolejkowo without trains. They move between miniature stations keeping the miniature world alive. They carry passengers, wood, coal and many other things. Their average speed is around 1,5 km/h - so that every our visitor can see their beautiful details as they cruise close to them. Daily an average train in Kolejkowo reaches around 12 km of millage. Monthly, it translates into almost 400 km.
Cars are a natural part of the modern world. They make us mobile and free when it comes to traveling. Sometimes we complain when they cause traffic jams and contribute to air pollution, but you can’t imagine a contemporary city without them. In Kolejkowo vehicles drive around streets - just like in reality. Thanks to modern technology they drive safely and omit each other on crossings. Unlike the real cars however, they are fueled by electricity, so they are much more environmentally friendly.
Day and night
The miniature city never sleeps. 7 days a week, during night and day, it stays awake all the time. Just like in real world, in Kolejkowo you will experience day and night. You will be able to see how the miniature world changes under different light conditions and observe the life of miniature citizens from a different perspective. In our world the day lasts for 9 minutes and then the sun sets for 4 minutes.
Our miniature world is probably the only mockup in the world where you can experience a real storm. Every 8 minutes, over miniature Ruda Śląska, thunders are heard and lightnings struck the cloudy sky in two. Just like in reality, real rain falls from the sky and the miniature buildings figures are covered in water. You can also hear realistic storms and light effects, which make the entire scene as close as it can be to reality.

Ticket prices


32 PLN
26 PLN


30 PLN
24 PLN

If you are interrested in group visiting, please check out our offer for groups (in Polish only).

Opening hours

We are open everyday 10 a.m. through 6 p.m, 365 days per year, also on Sundays and holidays.

Gingerbread Town

Town covered in snow and sweet frosting, illuminated by thousands of lights, made of gingerbread. The world's largest gingerbread mock-up is waiting for you from November 23, 2022 in Kolejkowo in Wrocław.

The Gingerbread Town has over a ton of spicy dough, chocolate trains, a Christmas tree decorated with colored frosting, Santa Clauses fragrant with cinnamon and almost 300 gingerbread huts.

Family spending time surrounded by aromatic gingerbreads and Christmas trees is a great idea for a Christmas trip and a break from shopping madness. In the Gingerbread Town you will feel like characters from Christmas movies watched every year.

Kolejkowo is also open on the first and second days of holidays. The unique exhibition can be admired from November 23rd to the end of February, included in the admission ticket price.

Questions & answers

What are the opening hours?

Kolejkowo is open 10:00 am through 6:00 pm, 365 days a year. We are open even on national holidays.

What are the ticket prices for individuals?

The prices for individual tickets are 32 PLN regular and 26 PLN discounted.

What discounts do you offer?

The discount applies to children between the ages of 3 and 18, as well as to students, pensioners and disabled persons. Children under the age of 3 can enter for free.

Do you have to buy tickets online?

You can buy tickets online, as well as on-site. However, buying the tickets earlier online will give you the guarantee that you won’t be waiting for entering the exhibition. The online ticket ordering system lets you choose the exact time of your visit. That’s why we recommend buying tickets online before coming to Kolejkowo.

Is there a time limit for sightseeing?

There are no time limits. You can stay inside as long as you need until the closing time. Typically, our visitors spend 1,5 hours inside.

Is Kolejkowo appropriate for small children?

Yes, it is! Kolejkowo is equally interesting for children and adults. Children usually pay attention to trains and vehicles movement, whereas adults focus on details such as figures and life-situations shown in the miniature world.

Does the staff speak foreign languages?

Yes. Our staff and guides speaks English.
We also offer paper guides with a description of the entire exhibition in the following languages: Polish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and Spanish.